September 2012
I earned my final score and USDF Gold Medal on Harry Callahan (owned by Wendi Montgomery) at the Region 6 Championships this past weekend.

August 2012
Skywalker HW and I placed 6th nationally in the USEF/Markel Young Horse FEI 6yo Finals in Lamplight, IL.

July 2012
WEC July and Seratim shows:
Very pleased with all the horses and riders- due to short days and the fact that I was riding 6-7 times a day, my students had to warm themselves up. I am very pleased to report that they all kept to what we have been working on and focused like a bunch of champs. Wendi stayed solid around a 66% with Picasso. Pam had her highest sore at Second level- 65% and earned another qualifying score at 2:3 on Sunday

All the horses I rode were angels. Karibean made his return to the show ring with a 67, 71 and a 70. Good boy! :) Mickey continued to rock First level- 72% on Sat and despite truely being terrified of something in the woods- 69% on Sunday. Mia did her VERY FIRST SHOW EVER at Training test 3- super good girl with solid 66% most of the weekend. Shorts made a few mistakes in Third 3 Sat but still 2nd place with a 67% Sunday was our first Second level qualifying ride: a few bobbles in the simple changes but still a 73.8%

June 2012
WEC "Benefit" show!
Wendi Montgomery and Top Palermo had high scores in First level will 66.9 and 67.8.Gail Richards and Calypso made their second level debut successfully, despite some nerves on both horse and riders parts- well done! Susanne Boskovich and WS A Far Echo had their first show at WEC- unfortunately, deer passing by the arena prevented this pair from showing at their best, but I am proud of how they rallied and recovered... Pam Morill and Flying W Fire Ruby showed great improvements at Second level 2-1 and 2-3 but a few mistakes brought their scores down- very pleased with the hard work this pair has put in over the winter :) Catherine Reid and Skywalker HW won their very first attempt at Third level (test 3, no less!) and won the FEI 6yo test. Catherine also picked up an unexpected ride on Nancy Benton's very nice gelding Millione at First level and scored a 67% at 1-1 on Sat and a 72% at 1-3 on Sunday. (Considering I have never ridden this horse before, I was very happy and it was a big compliment that Nancy asked me to hop on him)

EI Beaujolais Show:
Decided to post enter Skywalker HW in the EI Beaujolais Show. We came 3rd in a VERY large mixed FEI YH test (4,5,6 yos were all scored together in an FEI TOC class) Overall score of 7.8 :) I rode our trot and lateral work like a ninny and held us back to a 7.8. We got our best canter score-8.4! Despite as the judges said our flying changes being "a work in progress" 8.0 for overall impression :)

WEC June Show:
Highlight for me was getting a 73.3% at Third level test 3 on Skywalker HW- as you can see, pouring, monsoon rain made it no fun for all of us this weekend. Thankfully Whidbey has excellent footing! In the FEI 6yo Test on Sunday we received a 7.76 despite some major mistakes!

May 31, 2012
Congratulations to Debbie of Reno, NV on the purchase of Weltlady.

May 28, 2012
Catherine and Skywalker HW won their very first Markel FEI 6yo Qualifier at the Spokane Sporthorse Farm Spring Show.

March 21, 2012
Catherine and Skywalker HW have been invited to, and will attend, the USEF FEI Young Horse Observation Sessions with National Young Horse Coach, Scott Hassler. The sessions will be held in conjunction with The Festivsl of the Horse CDI in San Juan Capistrano March 27-29